Four Outdoor Lighting Ideas for a Party

When the weather is nice, it’s time to take the party outdoors to enjoy fresh air, summer breezes and quality time with family and friends. Fortunately, the party doesn’t have to end when the sun goes down; you can brighten up the festivities with our creative, tasteful and durable outdoor lighting solutions that last for plenty of summers to come. We have a range of styles and designs to go along with any party theme or decorating idea.

Decorative Lanterns

Create an enchanting mood and facilitate friendly conversation at your outdoor tables with decorative lanterns. They cast a glowing light over the area to set a relaxing and romantic scene, and their antique-bronze finishes and elaborate scrollwork might just make them the topic of conversation during dinner. Glass lanterns have sparkling reflections that dance along with the flame of the candle inside; these candles are an easy way to set the mood, and the gleaming glass prevents breezes from blowing them out.


String Lights

Disperse soft light throughout the entire outdoor party with string lights. Hang them from the top of a canopy or wrap them around a column to create interesting designs and patterns. Weather-resistant lights stand up to rain and summer heat, so you can leave them up all season long to keep them ready for your next get-together.


Chandeliers or Pendants

Hanging a chandelier or pendant creates a focal point in your party area. These large lighting fixtures enhance the decor of your outdoor space and create a lighting statement that is sure to capture your guests’ attention. From large chandeliers with multiple lights to small pendants with just one bulb, fixtures are available in all sizes to create dramatic effects. Our different styles let you create a customized lighting arrangement; hang a grouping of different smaller pendants for a patio that’s perfectly yours.


Oil Lamps and Tiki Torches

Light up your party while keeping the mosquitoes away with the flickering flame of an oil lamp. These lamps use citronella or paraffin oil for hours of worry-free lighting, and they sit atop tall, slender poles so you can move them around as needed. The warm ambience created by the durable enamel torches complements any party setting.


Don’t be afraid to get creative with your outdoor lighting. Mix and match different lighting options to create a style that goes along with your personal taste and design ideas. It’s fun to discover the varied options in quality, decorative lighting to illuminate all of your summer soirees.


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