Four Benefits of Eco-Friendly Outdoor Furniture

Here in Northern California, the weather has warmed up and we find ourselves spending more time outdoors embracing everything it has to offer.  In hand with this fun comes the realization that the leisure activities we enjoy come with a commitment to the planet.  We stand firm in the believe that protecting the planet extends past the recycling bin. When selecting our outdoor furniture collection for Summer, we thought about how we could not only beautify your home but minimize  ecological impact. Pottery Barn is committed to giving you healthy, responsible options to beautify your patio and are easy on the planet.   Our design and production teams worked hard to design products with materials that matter – eco-friendly woods, fabrics and finishes that not only are durable enough for the outdoors but stand up to the rigors of how our customers live. When  considering outdoor furniture this season, consider just a few of the benefits that come along with furnishings and decor elements that reinforce your environmental consciousness.

Forget about VOCs

The materials used to make many types of furniture, both for indoor and outdoor use, contain volatile organic compounds (VOCs), which are gases emitted from strong solvents, paints and glues. Not only do these chemicals often smell bad, but they also can have serious effects on your health. Our wicker outdoor furniture is made from higher-quality, eco-friendly materials like Ecolene which releases no or very low levels of VOCs, so you can feel free to take a deep breath of fresh air.


Aluminum Furniture Is Rust-Free

Approximately 50 percent of the goods produced using aluminum are made from recycled materials, and recycled aluminum uses just 6 percent of the energy required to mine the materials used to make the metal. In addition, aluminum outdoor furniture makes patio maintenance a breeze because it’s lightweight and easy to maintain. Unlike some other metal furniture, aluminum is naturally rust-resistant, so it looks beautiful gracing your space year after year even if you don’t bring it inside during the rainy months.



Recycled Plastic Is More Durable

All of the milk jugs, shampoo bottles and other heavy plastic containers that you toss in the recycling bin are used to make high-density polyethylene, which resists moisture, mildew, staining and UV damage. Recycled plastic furniture is virtually maintenance-free so you can spend more time enjoying the furniture and less time cleaning it. Once the plastic is melted down and reshaped, it can look a lot like wood too. Plus, it’s versatile enough to craft into other durable decor, even hand-loomed rugs.


Wood Is Eco Friendly Too

You can’t deny that outdoor wood furniture is stunningly beautiful, but you can take comfort in the knowledge that you can enjoy teak, mahogany, bamboo and other wood furnishings without harming the planet. By opting for furniture made from wood that has been certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, you can feel confident that the material used to craft the piece was harvested responsibly. Enjoy beautiful furniture and a beautiful Earth by designing your outdoor living space with a selection of our durable, conscientious pieces.


Celebrate Earth Day every day with making smart decisions.  We are dedicated to making eco-conscious choices available so our customers and educating them on the options available when purchasing furniture and accessories. Simply put – materials matter because the earth matters.  See our entire selection of products made from eco-materials and finishes in our Eco Shop.

This is why I really like your company- you really ‘get’ what people are looking for as we try our best to treat our planet with the care and respect it deserves. A huge thank you!

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