Printable Leftover Pie Labels by Striped Cat Studio for Studio DIY

Forget the Tupperware: Wrap Up Your Thanksgiving Leftovers In Style

Thanksgiving leftovers are a blessing and a curse. Pumpkin pie and mashed potatoes sound great for breakfast the morning after, but come day four of a turkey sandwich lunch, and you’re probably singing a very different tune. Your best bet? Pass some of that deliciousness on to your guests before it goes to waste.

Instead of piling up plain’ ol plastic Tupperware with cold mashed potatoes, turn it into a post-feast take home treat that feels a little more special. These four bloggers came up with clever, DIY packaging that gets extra leftovers out of the house in a surprisingly stylish manner.

Printable Leftover Pie Labels by Striped Cat Studio for Studio DIY

1. Kelly Lanza of Studio DIY worked with Striped Cat Studio to design some adorable printables for guests to take home an extra slice (or two) of their favorite pie.

2. Jenny Steffens Hobick of Everyday Occasions stuck to the basics with a simple paper box topped with twine and an elegant label.

3.  The elli blog took it a step further and amped up their leftover kit with cute plastic cutlery, a patterned napkin and a to-go cup for coffee or hot cocoa on the drive home.

4. Want to keep your leftovers to yourself? Take a cue from The Garnish Blog, which put a cute (but firm!) warning on their leftover boxes.

How are you getting rid of your leftovers this year? Are you passing them on to friends? Or do you have a favorite recipe for Thanksgiving leftovers? Share your thoughts and ideas in the comments section below!

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