In Full Bloom: The Perfect Mother’s Day Treat

Written by Megan Bailey of Sweet Little Peanut for Building Blocks.


With Mother’s Day coming right up, I wanted to share a sweet cupcake treat that’s perfect for spring – plus, it’s a fun recipe to make with your little peanuts! Baking with your kids is such a special activity, and it creates memories for a lifetime. The great thing about cupcakes is they’re simple to make, yet so delicious.


We can’t think of anything better to bake for Mother’s Day than these darling flower-pot cupcakes. Use your favorite chocolate cupcake recipe or mix, then use colored fondant to make festive flower shapes. Fondant is kind of like play dough, which means kiddos will love using it to shape their own flowers and bugs – even fruit would be totally adorable!



  • Chocolate cupcake mix (or your favorite recipe)
  • Fondant (found at most grocery stores or baking-supply stores}
  • Mini cupcake pan
  • Mini cupcake liners
  • Food coloring of choice
  • Mini terra-cotta pots (found at most gardening stores)


Step 1: Make the chocolate cupcakes.

Step 2: While the cupcakes are baking, prep the fondant by separating it into sections and adding desired food coloring. Knead each colored fondant until completely blended.

Step 3: Roll out each fondant color using a rolling pin until you have a thin, smooth layer.


Step 4: Using a butter knife, cut out leaf shapes from the green fondant, and flower shapes from the colors you’ve chosen. (Tip: To make flowers, cut out a five-petal flower shape. Hold the shape between your fingers and pinch the middle of the flower together to create a 3D effect.)

Step 5: When the cupcakes have cooled, add the leaf and flower designs on top. (Tip: Cut a little hole in the top of each cupcake to place the middle of each flower.)

Step 6: Place each cupcake in a mini terra-cotta pot.


And there you have it – a colorful springtime treat that’s fun to make and perfect for mom!


Have a lovely Mother’s Day!

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