Five Tips For Selecting The Perfect Ceiling Fixture

Ceiling fixtures serve the dual purpose of style and function.  Choosing the wrong light fixture not only throws off the visual harmony of space but also impedes using a room to the fullest potential.  We talked with our in-house design specialists on the five tips they use when selecting ceiling fixtures for a room.

TIP 1: Selecting A Fixture For Your Kitchen or Dining Room

When selecting a pendant or chandelier above a kitchen island or table, measure the diameter or width of your table.  Then subtract 12 inches from that number.  The result is the maximum limit for the width or diameter of a hanging light.  For example , in a room with standard 8 foot ceilings the bottom of the ceiling fixture should  hang between 30 and 36 inches above the tabletop.  If your ceilings are higher, then add 3 inches for each additional foot of height.


TIP 2: Selecting A Fixture for Your Entry

A good rule of thumb practiced by our designers when selecting a ceiling fixture for your entry or foyer is typically 12 inches higher than the tallest person in your home.  Between closing umbrellas, removing jackets and other daily activities done in the entry of a home, those extra inches ensure mishaps don’t happen!


TIP 3: Selecting A Bathroom Light

When hanging a pendant in front of a bathroom mirror, make sure to allow for 2 to 3 inches of clearance between the mirror and the shade.  And most importantly, confirm that a fixture is rated for a wet environment.  Not doing so could cause damage to the space and injury to yourself!


TIP 4: Choosing Multiple Fixtures For One Room

When selecting light fixtures for a large room or a space with an open floor plan, it’s advised to double up.  Rather than selecting an oversized fixture which may impede sight lines, hanging two of the same fixture.  If a space requires you go over 36 inches in diameter for a fixture, then it makes sense to hang a second pendant or chandelier.


TIP 5: Ensure Proper Placement of Fixtures

Proper placement of lights is key to ensure you are getting the most out of your lighting.  When hanging pendants ensure you have a minimum of 12 to 18 inches between the shade and the wall. This placement avoids unsightly “hot spots” on the wall.  If pendants are being used in lieu of table lamps, they need to be hung 2-3 inches below eye level to avoid glare when reading.


Use these simple tips avoid making costly mistakes and to create the home you want! Check out our entire array of chandeliers, pendants and lamps!

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