Five Questions With Author Louise Roe + Invitation to Special Event

We were “officially” introduced to author and television personality Louise Roe during our Summer Preview Dinner in Los Angeles but have long been fans of her effortless chic style.  We admired the steady progression of her career from Vogue Magazine in the UK, host of the MTV show Plain Jane to author of Front Roe, her first book and style guide.  Louise took time from her hosting gigs to sit down with us and answer a few questions on her style, recent engagement and her tips for merging households.

How would you define your personal style?

My style recently has come simpler and more minimal.  I am now interested in staples such as lovely fabrics and soft colors.  I am currently in love with blush and olive-green.  However, I still have my love of leather and denim.  I have been practicing the ethos “quality over quantity”.  And course heels – heels make the outfit!

Has working in fashion influenced your personal style?

Yes, definitely!  I get to see new designs first name on the runway, work with a variety of brands from high street (retail) to designer.  It definitely inspires me and fuels a shopping habit!


Did you notice a change in your style when you to Los Angeles?

The weather plays a huge part in what I wear, so being in the sunshine definitely brings out the lighter colors and more playful styles.  I love sundresses and am currently obsessed with off-the-shoulder linen tops, straw boater hats and white sneakers.  I love the style in LA!  The fashion scene just keeps getting better.

Changing gears from fashion to home, congratulations on your recent engagement! How are you and your finance handling merging your two households?  Any tips for how you two are navigating the transition?

Thank You! We have been living together for a while so that wasn’t an issue.  Our favorite nights are walking around the corner for a glass of wine at our favorite bar before heading home to cook and watch a movie.  Since I travel so much for work,being at home becomes very special.

Are there any furniture  items or pieces that are a must have for your space?  Any family heirlooms you incorporate into your new home?

I have a gorgeous Pottery Barn tripod lamp in my office that I love. I had always wanted one and it’s such a cozy light when I stay up late to write.  As for heirlooms I have two sketches that were my Granny’s from when she lived in Rio.  I brought them out when I moved and had them reframed.  They are currently hanging in my bedroom.  I love that I was able to reimagine them and give them new life!

We invite you to meet Louise who will be moderating a discussion with artisan quilter and Pottery Barn collaborator Pauline Boyd this Thursday at 6:30pm in our Beverly Hills store.  Hear Pauline explain her unique process behind she makes her quilts and how she sees craftsmanship in the modern era.


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Be sure to RSVP to ensure your space for this intimate and engaging evening!

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