Our Favorite Ways To Wrap A Holiday Gift


It’s the gift giving season and we couldn’t be more excited. We love picking out the perfect something for those special people in our life, but being the crafty DIYers we are — we also love wrapping said gifts. We couldn’t help but take a moment to round up the prettiest ways to wrap a gift for everyone on your list. Take a peek and tell us which you’d try…

The Sentimental Giftc3979ea7826789580071f17a7426a38b

Giving your mom a heartfelt gift, or perhaps you’ve made a handmade photo album to gift to your bestie. Don’t let the personal touches and heartfelt wishes stop there, we love the idea of using a photo album strip as the tag to a perfectly wrapped package. So go rummaging through your old photo albums and see what you can find – the older the better! (Idea from 31 Bits)

The “Multiple Gifts” Gift35831e37b920bd04d4cb44a1c24ed743

Is there someone on your list you couldn’t help but go all out for? We always have that one person who gets quite a few gifts because we just couldn’t decide! We love the idea of wrapping each gift in coordinated, but different paper. The look is fresh, young, and so very festive. 🙂 (Idea from 100 Layer Cake)

The Minimalist Gift0eaa702184ad969fff8501601a7ccac4

We love this style of wrapping for the guys in your life – dad, your big brother, whomever! The gift is wrapped to perfection (we love the hint of Christmas with a little foliage!), but isn’t overly glittery or girly. (Idea from Style Logistics)

For Your Kid Brother Or Sisterac4fcd39eb37591103e1270a40b33239

How happy would you have been as a kid to get a present and candy!? (Ok, ok, we’d still be happy!) Use simple paper and top off with a festive lollipop! (Idea found here)

Have you started your wrapping yet? Let us know your favorite style in the comments below!

I’ve used the sparkly tinsel toppers that PBteen did a few posts ago. They’ve been a great hit and everyone can’t wait to open those presents with the tinsel toppers on them! I’ll definitely try putting a festive lollipop or candy cane on my little brother’s & sister’s presents. Great ideas!

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