Faux Real: Creating the Perfect Valentine Arrangements with Real & Faux Flowers

The team at Colonial House of Flowers  teamed up with one of their favorite stylists, Tristan Needham  and came up a fresh take on arranging flowers for their true loves, whether it’s romantic roses effortlessly grouped in a statement container, a mix of gathered blooms that can be left on a table, or a small jar to place on a night stand, they’re so easy that you can give them to everyone this Valentine’s Day, even yourself!



Tip 1: Choose container. The vase really sets the tone for how your arrangement will be perceived. Go for the unusual, something that’s a keepsake. The team chose these containers because they all say something different – romantic, playful, flirty, sincere, really heartfelt. Think outside the box.  Tristan used the Bosphorus Clear Vase  and the Tuscan Urn in this project.  She also accented with the adorable heart clock from the PB Teen Emily + Merritt collection.



Tip 2: Pick your flowers. Solid colors always look great together. Faux tulips are a classic stunner and so are a dozen fresh roses.  “But not everything has to be a tight and compact” Tristan says. Floral mixes with pops of color are easy for first timers too. Find something you really love then choose clusters to match. Tristan based the large arrangement on her favorite Poppy Botanical Print Pillow. Using her recipe as a base with all the different textures, shapes and sizes it’s no wonder it’s so pretty all together in the bowl!


Tristan’s Olive You Sweetpea! Flower Recipe


  1. Pottery Barn Mini White Faux Tulip
  2. Red Ranunculus
  3. Berries picked from the yard or park
  4. Dusty Miller
  5. Lisianthus
  6. Blackberries
  7. Olive Branch
  8. Blush Ranuculous
  9. Anemone
  10. Scabiosa
  11. White Sweetpea


Tip 3: Pair it right. Finally, quickly pair your flower arrangement with something thoughtful like coffee in a mug for a pick me up, a heart shaped cookie in a candy dish, tasty truffle, fancy candle for a powder room or my absolute favorite go to – a bottle of Cameron Hughes Wine.



It doesn’t matter who the love of you life is – you’ll have such a unique, unforgettable, personal gift that will be treasured for years to come. Recipients will be smiling knowing that over all the flowers in the vase you’d pick them any day! Happy Valentine’s Day!


Photography: The Happy Bloom

Styling: Tristan Needham

Floral Design: Colonial House of Flowers

Florals: Rosa Prima & Mayesh

Wine: Cameron Hughes Wine

Calligraphy: Paperzest

Cookies:  Two Smart Cookies



I absolutely love this arrangement! I like how you mixed real and faux flowers together to create more color and depth. Those cookies and truffles look so yummy! Also, I love that calligraphy. Thanks for the inspiration.

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