Father's Day Golf Cupcake

Celebrate Dad with These Father’s Day Ideas

Father’s Day is here on Sunday! Time to celebrate that special guy who’s always there to pick you up when you fall, helps you out with those unsolvable math problems, makes you bacon every Sunday and takes you on some crazy fun adventures. He spends 365 days a year being at his best for the family so we think he definitely deserves a day catered to him! Any man can be a father, it takes someone special to be a dad.Here at PBteen we’ve rounded up some Father’s Day ideas (DIYs, delicious recipes and more) to make Dad’s day extra special!
Egg and Bacon MuffinsGood morning! Wake up a little bit earlier than dad and treat him to some homemade (and extra scrumptious) egg and bacon muffins from Purple Pieces. (Ps. you could literally make this dish with 3 ingredients. Score!)DIY Father's Day Portrait ClockIsn’t this DIY Portrait Clock by Make It and Love It perfect for Dad’s office? Now he can think about you all day long 😉

Father's Day Golf CupcakeTake dad out for a day on the links or (better yet) make him some cupcakes that remind him of his favorite hobby. Better Home’s and Gardens has a recipe that’s sure to be as awesome as hitting a hole-in-one!DIY Dad HankieWe know our PBteen fans love to try a good DIY. So why not make something Dad can wear this time? Paper & Stitch has THE cutest hand stamped handkerchief project for your father’s front pocket.Pottery Barn Father's Day SpreadOur mouths are already watering over the looks of this Father’s Day Grilling Feast found on Pottery Barn’s blog Inside & Out. Alison from Two of a Kind came up with the super tasty BBQ chicken kebabs and blistered potatoes recipe that’s so easy anyone can whip it up in a jiffy!

How are you spending Father’s Day with your Dad? Whatever it is, we want to know! Share with us this Father’s Day by tagging us @pbteen.

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