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Win the Ultimate Father’s Day Gift: Our Turner Leather Armchair!

Can you believe it’s already June? That means Father’s Day is just around the corner. Don’t know what to get your Dad? Enter for a chance to win the ultimate Father’s Day gift — our Turner Leather Armchair. 

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Fill out the form below for a chance to win. Hurry! You only have until Father’s Day to enter.

Good luck!

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Beautiful chair! Love the look. My husband has always wanted one. Already have that pottery barn throw. Would be perfect!

I have two other leather chairs from Pottery Barn. Their chairs are wonderful. I need this chair for my husbands office!

My dad would love this chair! He is retired and looking to relax! This would be the ultimate present for him.

I just love the chair I can picture my dad in his living room enjoying every minute of relaxing in that cozy chair!

I’ve been eyeing Pottery Barn’s beautiful leather chairs for a long time – would look lovely in my living room…and I’ve already got that Pottery Barn throw!

I love this chair makes me think of the old gentlemen’s club with brandy, cigars, and great leather chairs.

Thanks for the great contest! Anyone would be lucky to win this! Would love to surprise my husband with this. He has been “eyeballing” a few chairs online. lol

My husband of nearly 24 years celebrates his birthday and fathers day in June, this would make an awesome gift for my Man who is both an awesome husband and a wonderful father…:)

The Turner leather armchair is so handsome, perfect for my husband. This beautiful chair will definitely take our family room up a notch!

absolutely beautiful! what a blessing it would be to win this for my husband who works so hard for us. He would have a great chair to relax in after work

We were just shopping for chairs like this two days ago. We are on a budget so we decided to wait and today I came across this contest. Keeping my fingers crossed that we win.

my sons would love to have this chair to relax in. Who knows I might even
get some work out of them, after they have rested.

Would love to win this as we had major water damage in our basement and had to get rid of all the furniture. We’re just re-building (walls and floor) now!

My hubby would love a chair like this! He doesn’t have his own place. No mans cave so this would be like his own castle! Thanks for making it possible! His humble Queen.

This would be Awesome for our hard working Dad!! He would love to come home and kick back in this beautiful chair! We have 2 chairs from the PB but not really a Manley one! Wish me luck!! Thanks!!

I am married to the hardest working father and husband there ever was. He works with all his might all day to care for his home and family. I think he should have the luxury of relaxing at the same degree, in a Leather Chair from Pottery Barn!

I would love this chair for my husband’s (well ours) 50th Anniversary gift.Celebrate Father’s Day for the best Dad and Grandpa.

My husband is the hardest working person I know. His favorite PB chair has been confiscated by 3 young boys and a cat 🙂 he could really use a new one that is just his after a hard day at work.

Would love to win this chair for my husband. He had back surgery two years ago, and he still has so much pain. He can’t sit in any of the chairs I have.

My husband and the father to our 4 children which include triplets has worked so hard to get our lives back on track this year after some medical and financial hardship. If I could buy a chair like this for him to kick back and relax in, I would. No one deserves it more.

This would be the best gift ever for my Hubby who gives unconditionally, to our kids and the the grand babies if you could see the chair he sits in, you would a it out a doubt would bless him with this beautiful chair, I pray to God my Amazing Husband, Father, and Grandpa wins, a blessed wife \\\ \(*¿*)/

It would be not only comfortable but an honor to sport that beautiful comfy chair, and my Amazing Husband sitting in it always

My son loves Pottery Barn!! He is trying to do his whole house in Pottery Barn furniture and accessories!! I would LOVE to surprise him with this beautiful chair and ottoman–because he is still paying off his first purchase from Pottery Barn–his Queen size bed, night stand and chest!! Thanks for the opportunity to enter to WIN!!

I will never be able to afford to buy my husband a chair like this but he’s always wanted one. This would be great.

My husband is building me a Great room to add to our ranch style house. During our marriage he has been nothing but a great husband, and father and provider to my children. This chair would be a fabulous present and look great in the new addition. It would serve as a constant reminder of the blessing he is in our lives!

I would love to own a piece of Pottery Barn furniture, what pride I would feel when asked where I got my beautiful leather chair and I could respond, “This is a Pottery Barn chair”..oh my.

My Dad would love this chair! He fell not long ago and has been sleeping in a borrowed chair. It would really make him happy if I won this chair for him.

We – my son-in-law, daughter, husband, and I need this wonderfully handsome, generously sized, soft, sweet-smelling, leather chair. We have moved into a new and large house, together, all of us. We have pledged to take care of each other and have some fun too. If we should win this wonderful chair, I will buy a hassock for it.

This looks like the perfect chair for my husband! He was diagnosed with Parkinson’s a little over 2 years ago and it’s so hard to find chairs that he can get in and out of!! This style looks like the perfect one for his problem!! 🙂

Love the Color of this Leather Chair! What a beautiful and wonderful thing Pottery Barn is doing for one Lucky Man for Fathers Day!!! Wishing everyone luck…Thanks! Pottery Barn…

My husband has served 2 tours in Afghanistan. This would be such a great treat for home to relax in. Brown is his favorite color too. Praying he gets this!!!

This chair looks so comfy! My husband would love this and we have the perfect spot for it!! Already have the throw is blue. This would be perfect!!

This chair would be a perfect Father’s Day gift for my husband. Our two young daughters would love sitting on daddy’s lap watching tv too!

Every father deserves a chair to turn back the societal hands of time. A father to come home from a long hard work week, relax in the daddy chair.. Have his children crawl into his lap and drown him in attention and love.. A place for storytelling and memory making.. A space so full of love and life that even walking by the empty chair fills you with the spirit and energy of what always was, and always will be. Happy Father’s Day to all the daddy’s out there!!

I would love to win this for my husband. Today is his 70th Birthday. He has Leukemia & needs a very comfortable chair to relax in. He’s fixing to have to go thru more chemo starting Monday. This chair looks so nice & comfortable. It would be the ultimate gift for him, since I can’t afford to buy him anything due to all our medical bills.
Wishing everyone “good luck”.

This chair looks so nice & comfortable. It would be the ultimate gift for him, since I can’t afford to buy him anything due to all our medical bills.I would love to win this for my husband. Today is his 70th Birthday. He has Leukemia & needs a very comfortable chair to relax in. He’s fixing to have to go thru more chemo starting Monday. This chair looks so nice & comfortable.
Wishing everyone “good luck”.

I love this! My house is done in cowboys and indians and I’m looking to purchase a sofa and chair…it would be great to just have to buy the sofa! This looks so comfortable!

After working two jobs, my husband would love coming home and sitting in his own big comfy leather chair. He has always wanted one.

If ever there was a back-side made to sit in that chair…it is my husband’s. He would thank you, his creaky old bones would thank you…and I would thank you. So here goes.!!!!!!

Would sooo love this chair for my husband to thank him for our 7 beautiful children, now that were older, kids are all gone from the nest, it would look awesome in the cabin in the mountains we just bought as a get away till retirement ( that’s a ways off…lol).

I just bought a PB couch. I would love the chair to go with it. I mean, my husband would love the chair to go with it. LOL

Such a perfect gift for the hard working husband,”DAD”,caring and loving father of 3 could ever receive in a lifetime.

The chair is Absolutely Gorgeous. I would Love for my Husband to have something Very Special like this for Father’s Day, because he gets really Depressed after we lost our 6 1/2 year old daughter in a tragic house fire while she was spending the night with his parents. We really miss her, winning this Beautiful Chair would definitely make him very happy.

I know my husband would love this chair, it’s the perfect size andcolor for my family room. I trust anything from Pottery Barn

What a beautiful chair, would love to win it, but I see other more deserving patrons who would also enjoy..

Happy Fathers day to all….

My boyfriend is not the kids real father but he takes care of there needs along with me and it would be great to show him how much he means to use this fathers day and how much we love him.


So grateful to find this. My husband has been wanting one of those chairs & I have that PB throw which we love by the way. Thanks for the opportunity!

This would be an awesome Father’s Day gift and my 52nd birthday is on June 16th. Please let me be the winner!??? :o) Thanks!

That chair would look absolutely fabulous in my Family Room. Love the colour and the leather, all it is missing is the Man to sit in the chair! Tough to find a man. Still would be thrilled to have this chair.

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