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A Light, Airy, and Family-Friendly Living Room Update

We recently caught up with designer Jana Bek of Jana Bek Design, whose clients, a young Salt Lake City family, were in need of a bright and airy living room space. Jana set out to realize this look while adding rustic touches to balance the lightness and provide some warmth.


For this room, Jana used the Tanner Console Table, which provided that same aesthetic she was looking for. She notes, “The industrial iron paired with glass shelves make it a substantial piece that also has an easy elegance to it. It is the perfect height for a sofa table as well! I love incorporating organic elements, like the driftwood piece here, when styling clients spaces because they add another layer of personality.”

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Keep reading for more of Jana’s advice for styling the perfect console table.

Object Shapes:
Vary the shapes in your vignette– round, square, organic, etc. Books and frames are often square or rectangle so break them up with other shapes to create interest.
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Think of your console as 1 piece that needs to be balanced. If you have a larger sculptural piece on one side of a shelf, directly below should be something lighter and on the other end of that shelf another ‘heavier piece’ to balance it all. Similarly, if you have a tall lamp on one side, put an matching lamp on the other side, or two tall frames on the other side to even it out.

Do not crowd any vignette — let the pieces breath. There should be space between all items.

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Include natural elements (coral, shell, wood) in your styling. It will make your space feel more lived in and collected. Get creative! Peruse Etsy, flea markets, use your children’s sculptures- all will add another layer of personality to your mix.

Make sure to check out more of Jana Bek’s styling on her website, Jana Bek Design.

Photos courtesey Jylare Smith

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