Our Best Pet Picks, Chosen by PB Pets

Did you forget Fido this Valentine’s Day? Your PB Pet might forgive you with a little extra pampering, even if it’s belated. Our furry friends deserve lots of love too — especially considering how much they love us. Take a look at our top pet picks for your dog or cat, along with some of our favorite PB Pets.

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Danielle Moss’s little Chihuahua mix, Buddy, loves his bed  — almost as much as his friend Minnie does.

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Of course, some pups (like Henri the Frenchie) prefer human bedding to their own. Can’t say we blame them!

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This little dachshund has great taste — the Corbett Ikat Stripe Pillow is one of our favorites. If your little pup likes pillows, get a personalized one that he can call his own.


Tip: Think carefully when choosing a dog bed’s size. You don’t want your pet to feel squished or overwhelmed by space — it may impact if it uses its new sleeping spot.


Pet food and toy storage is always tricky. How do you make sure it stays fresh, safe, out of the way and look slightly attractive? Ceramic cannisters help solve that problem. Treats and puppy chow stay fresh and dry in these containers. Plus, they’re beautiful enough to keep out on a counter or open shelving.


Tired of your dog spilling food all over the floor? A heavy, cast-iron bowl stand will stand up against the most enthusiastically eating pup.

Check out even more PB Pet tips. Plus, don’t forget to post your best Pottery Barn Pet pictures on Instagram and tag it #PBPet — we may repost it!

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