Emoji Cork Board DIY

We LOVE emojis! ??? Today Laurel from A Bubbly Life shows us how to make a cute little DIY that will make working at your desk much cuter! Take it away Laurel!

I chose my 3 favorite emojis to make cork boards- heart eyes, wink and blowing a kiss! Check out the instructions below and share with me what your favorite emojis are in the comments!



Cork Trivets (you can pick up a 3 pack here)

Yellow, Red (if doing hearts) Black Craft Paint

Paint Brush

Scissors/Craft Knife

Emoji Print Out (I used Google images & when I went to print enlarged it in the print settings)



Print out your emoji (preferably on a cardstock, thicker paper (makes it easier to use as a stencil) OR you can freehand your design, but I just cannot draw that well!


Cut out the eyes, heart etc to create your stencil.


Paint the cork yellow and let dry.


Paint the emoji face on with the stencil and let dry.

I used a command strip to attach to the wall and you are done!  Keep your important notes and dates to remember hanging above your desk or use one in your locker!


Share your DIY with us by tagging us on Instagram @pbteen and #mypbteendiy! 

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