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Easy Ways to Brighten Up Your Room

Easy Tips To Brighten Your RoomWhether you have a basement bedroom or simply want a brighter place to get ready in the morning, here are a few quick tips to help lighten up a room!

1. Make good use of windows. Position your desk or favorite lounge chair next to your window so you can soak up the sunlight. Light-colored furniture and drapes will also help create a cheerier mood.

2. Try double-duty lighting. 
Decorative wall lighting – like our Star Marquee Wall Light – instantly brightens a room without the need for extra lamps or fixtures. Plus, it’s perfect for small spaces because it doubles as wall art!

3. Frame it up. Try framing your window or a single wall with string lights. (We love the pretty pool shade of our Woven Globe String Lights.) They offer the perfect amount of light for movie nights or lazy weekend mornings spent reading in bed.

4. Add a touch of glitter. If you have dark furniture, add a hint of sparkle with fun decor, like our Emily + Meritt Sequin Pillow Covers. You’ll enjoy a brighter (and more glamorous) space to relax in.

How would you make a room light, bright and beautiful? Share your ideas in the comments below!

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