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Quick and Easy Thanksgiving Recipes

With tomorrow’s big family feast fast approaching, we picked out some time-saving recipes that are a breeze to put together:


Simple Spice Honey Popcorn makes a tasty Thanksgiving snack with a few readily available ingredients. Mix in a few of your favorite nuts or dried fruit to create an a hearty appetizer, perfect for pre-feast nibbling or as an individual take-home treat.


Roasted potatoes and root veggies – like in this recipe from Fine Cooking – are a great way to serve a tasty side that doesn’t require many ingredients or much prep. This will free up time for more intensive dishes, like homemade pie or gravy from scratch.


If you can’t roast a whole turkey, try a stuffed turkey breast like this recipe from Western Living. It cuts the cooking time and includes fixings like stuffing and cranberries.


We love a good pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving, and this pumpkin hand pie recipe from Frock Files gives us the classic sweet treat in a quick and tiny package. This personal-sized dessert will definitely be a homerun with the little ones!

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