Easy Steps For Decorating For a Halloween Party — Even if Your Budget and Timeline Aren’t Ideal

Do you want to decorate and throw a fabulous party this Halloween? Are you operating on a tight timeline and an even tighter budget? Fear not: you can still throw a great party. Here are some tips from our in-house entertaining expert, Tony.


  1. Pick a theme or color palette and stick with it.
  2. For inexpensive ways to decorate, use elements you already own or can access. If you live in a seasonal area, use dried leaves from a park or your backyard and intersperse them with gourds and pumpkins.
  3. Add a touch of spookiness with our Halloween snack bowls, which you can use for nuts or little treats.
  4. For a statement piece, use our lit branches and cover them with spiders, ghosts, or cutouts (bonus: you can use these decorated in a different way for Thanksgiving decor).
  5. For food at a party, use small, easy finger foods that are half homemade and half store bought and don’t require any cooking.
  6. For drinks, try punches that are three ingredients for simplicity’s sake. Ginger ale, juice and rum with fruit added to it is a crowd pleaser, and you can keep refilling it throughout the party.

Simple, fun and fabulous! Need more Halloween entertaining inspiration? Check out our Pinterest board,  A Spooky Halloween.

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