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Dorm Dinner: Essentials to Always Have on Hand

Dorm Dinner Essentials Feature

Living in a dorm doesn’t have to mean resigning yourself to ramen every night. To create simple, delicious and healthy meals in your kitchen-less room, all you need are a few key ingredients – and one life-changing appliance. Check out our seven dorm-room dinner essentials to add to your shopping list, stat!

1. Tortillas, bread and crackers. Think of these as the base for many delicious culinary creations, such as wraps, sandwiches and appetizers. Keep them stocked in your room so you always have options for a quick snack.

2. Veggies, cold cuts and cheese. Whipping up a healthy meal is easy with these three ingredients stocked in your dorm. Eat them alone, or pair them with tortillas, bread or crackers – have fun experimenting with different combinations!

3. Canned beans. A quick spin in the microwave leaves you with a hot, yummy way to add protein and fiber to any meal.

4. Seasoning. Salt, pepper, paprika, cumin, basil, oregano – the choices are endless! Pick a few favorites spices and herbs to add a quick kick of flavor to meals and snacks.

5. Microwave rice. Craving a hot meal? Make rice your go-to grain. Since most dorm rooms aren’t equipped with a kitchen, stock up on this essential and add beans, cheese, seasoning, meat or veggies for a simple dinner that’s filling, too.

6. Fresh fruit. The perfect way to end any dinner, fresh fruit is a must-have. Stick to apples, oranges, pears and other fruit that will keep for awhile – and doesn’t need a fridge to stay fresh.

7. Panini press. Ready to take your dorm-room dinner to the next level? Compact and easy to store, a panini press lets you toast sandwiches (grilled cheese, anyone?), make quesadillas, and even grill meat and veggies. Ramen doesn’t stand a chance!

What’s your favorite dorm-room dinner? Share with us in the comments!

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