The Top Snow Essentials for Winter

From Our Dorm Ambassadors: Snow Season Essentials


Today we are thrilled to have Ali, one of our PBdorm Ambassadors, sharing her snow season essentials with us. Ali is the perfect girl to share her pro tips because in addition to going to school in the snowy state of New Hampshire, Ali is also a competitive skier! Ali chatted with us about her must-haves for the snowy ski and snowboard, here’s what she had to say…ali k 2

Snow Boots – Bean Boots or Sorels are my favorite winter necessity. Pair them with some nice wool socks for extra warmth and have some traction to avoid embarrassing yourself slipping on the winter ice (everyone does it at least once!). Another pro tip about Bean Boots is they are easily washable if you get them good and dirty.

A Cozy Flannel – Can you believe it was already 28 degrees when I left my dorm on this November morning!? My go-to winter outfit consists of leggings and a flannel to stay warm and comfy for those library camp-outs.

Hot Coffee – Hot coffee (or tea) is an absolute essential for me in the winter. Whether it’s keeping your hands warm on a walk to class or keeping you awake despite the 5 pm darkness, hot coffee definitely is a must-have for the winter months. Bring your favorite mug to the library to be sustainable and enjoy all the refills. (The Stylehouse note: we are in love with this cute mug from for keeping your hot coffee warm through your study sessions)

Ear Muffs – Fellow ambassador Caroline has one of the best ear-muff collections I’ve seen! If they’re too bold for you, a great knitted headband or fuzzy hat can also keep your ears warm on those long walks to class. And don’t forget the cozy gloves or mittens!

Skis, Ice Skates, Sled, or Snowboard – I love the winter. It’s easy to get bogged down in the cold and gray atmosphere (and start skipping some gym trips) but I love being outside and active in the winter. It’s one of the best times to enjoy the outdoors and time with your friends by taking a trip to a ski resort or ice-skating with your friends on a local pond.

Extra Warm Bedding – The dorms can get pretty chilly in winter so I like to make sure I stock up on extra throw blankets and pillows and super cozy sheets. Also, if your dorm allows them, scented candles are a great way to make your dorm feel a lot homier!

I’d love to hear what your essentials are – share your list with me in the comments below!

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