From Our Dorm Ambassadors: 5 Tricks for Keeping Fitness at the Forefront

Hey everyone, PBteen Dorm Ambassador Lauren here to share a few fitness tips with you today! I’m a college student, which means my life can get pretty busy. Still, I always try and make time for the activities I love like running, biking, and all things outdoors. I’m excited to share a few tips with all of you on the best ways to stay in shape at school! Here are 5 tips that help me stay fit all year round…


Keep it Simple

Working out can be daunting when you think of adding it into an already busy schedule, but the truth is it can actually be easy (and fun!) as long as you keep it simple. I always try to pick activities that are fun and simple to actually get done. For example, there’s plenty to do without even leaving your dorm room:

  • Watch fitness videos online and follow along — you might want to invest in a yoga mat, resistance bands, and a few light dumbbells, depending on your favorite videos!
  • Do some light lifting and stretching, also great before heading out on a run around campus.
  • Try simple bodyweight exercises (like push-ups or planks) — you can find lots of great bodyweight exercises on YouTube and create your own routine!

The best way to workout is to find something that works for you, so don’t be scared to try out a bunch of workout videos until you find something that works.

If you’re finding that these solo dorm workouts just aren’t your thing…

Get a Buddy

You might find it much easier to stay on top of your fitness routine if you’ve got someone else to do it with. Set up a schedule and you’ll hold each other accountable on days when working out seems daunting. Find a friend or two who live on your floor and you’ll be set!

Try Something New

A great way to keep it interesting is to try a completely new workout.  This can be something simple like hopping on a new machine at the gym or really putting yourself out there by signing up for a new intramural sport. You may just be surprised what sweet things are available on your campus that you won’t want to miss out on — lots of schools have a climbing wall, racket ball courts, or I even just found out that my school offers scuba lessons!

Take a Class

Another way to stay fit easily is to sign up for an exercise class. Try something as relaxing as yoga or dance, or go for something intense like a bootcamp or cycling class. Many schools offer water fitness classes in the pool if you’re looking for a way to get outside.

Bonus? You may just make a new buddy!

Reward Yourself

Whatever you choose to do to stay fit, make sure you reward yourself for keeping up with it. To keep my fitness goals in focus, I choose something healthy like a smoothie or dark chocolate. It’s also totally okay to indulge and go for a small bowl of ice cream or a juicy cheeseburger though; the reward has to be real! Just keep your rewards in moderation and you’ll not only stay fit, but motivated.

What do you do to stay fit in college? Let me know in the comments below, I’d love to hear your ideas!

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