DIY Tassel Friendship Bracelet

Try this chic and simple take on a friendship bracelet from Homey Oh My that’s easy enough to make for you and all your friends. Make the tassels in all different colors or put multiple on each bracelet. The key is to customize and make them your own!

Tassel Bracelets DIY

-curb chain
-embroidery floss
-jump rings
-lobster clasps


Step 1: Use pliers to remove the length of chain needed to fit comfortably around your wrist.

jump ringsStep 2: Use a jump ring to attach a lobster clasp at one end of the chain.

Step 3: Add a jump ring to the other end of the chain.

Tassel making

Step 4: Cut out a 1 inch piece of cardboard and place a small piece of embroidery floss across the top.

Step 5: Wrap the embroidery floss around the cardboard 20 times.

Step 6: Double knot the embroidery floss from step 4 over the rest of the floss.

Step 7: Cut the floss down the opposite end.

Step 8: Lay the tassel on top of a piece of floss.

Step 9: Double knot the floss around the tassel to create the head and cut off excess ends.

Step 10: Double tie the tassel to the jump ring and cut off any excess.

Tassel Bracelets- DIY

DIY Tassel Bracelets-2

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