DIY Summer-Inspired Ping Pong Paddle Boards


Ever since we flipped our calendars from May to June, we’ve been thinking nonstop about our summer bucket list. Beach days, ice cream and heart-shaped sunnies are just a few of our favorite summer things.

One of our favorite summer games? Ping pong! While poking around for the perfect paddle board, we kept running into the same problem: the paddle board designs were all pretty boring. That’s where DIY superstar Laurel of A Bubbly Life came in handy. Take a look at her paddle board makeovers…


The Project: Spruce up our boring paddle boards!

Time: Less than 30 minutes to make (including drying time)


  • Paddle boards
  • Craft paint
  • Painter’s tape (or washi tape)
  • Foam paint brush
  • Small paint brush



Instructions for ombré paddle boards:

Step 1.: Choose four colors in the same color family (we went with pink). It’s easy to pick your color palette at the craft store – all the colors are lined up from lightest to darkest.


Step 2: Put one line of tape down and paint. Peel off the tape while the paint is still wet. (It’s better to peel off the tape when the paint is wet. Otherwise, the tape might take the paint off.)

Step 3: For the next line, place the tape on top of the bottom painted portion and proceed as pictured above.

icecreampaddle_edited-1Instructions for ice cream paddle boards:

We painted two blue base coats and let them dry. Then, we painted on the ice cream cones and sprinkles. We free-handed the ice cream and cone, and the sprinkles are simple dashes made with a small paint brush. Feel free to get creative with your own designs – this is all about having fun!

What do you think? Tell us which summer games are YOUR favorite, and we might help you spruce ’em up with our next DIY.

Ok. I’m a super crafty girl who loves paint– & ping pong! Thank you for this great idea! Definetily something fun 2 try!

Such lovely idea to introduce water paddling to kids! I love SUP, so wanted my kids also to experience the same. I think this is a great idea to introduce water paddling to them and then actually take them on it! The kids can actually paint their own paddle board, that will excite them more to indulge in this water sport!

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