DIY Organizers Using Recycled Materials

deskdiys_edited-1Hey everyone, Laurel from A Bubbly Life Blog back with another DIY for ya! April is Earth month, so for this month’s DIY I decided to use a favorite supply of mine that anyone has in their home and you can reuse instead of throwing away- glass jars!  Clean out your salsa jars after you are done with them and make some much needed pen/paintbrush/washi tape/glittered clothespins holders!  I am a glass jar hoarder- I love to keep them and use them around the house for vases, organizers and more.  For this DIY, I use a gold metallic washi tape to design the plain glass bottles!


  • Washi Tape
  • Scissors
  • Glass jars


  • Soak jars in a soapy warm water bath for a few hours.  Most of the labels will come off with an easy pull, some need more scrubbing to get rid of all the sticker residue.
  • Make your washi tape design!  For stripes, I wrapped the tape around the bottle.  For a geometric look, cut triangles out of the washi tape and apply.
  • Washi tape comes in every pattern, color imaginable, so pick your favorites and decorate!

Happy Earth Month, everyone!washitapedesk

Be sure to stay tuned all month long, we’ll have lots of tips, tricks, and facts to help you stay green this month and every month!

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