DIY Organization: Pretty Acrylic Trays


Hey guys, Laurel from A Bubbly Life here and back with another DIY project! A new year is here and we all like to start anew and get organized! I love staying organized (as I know the PBteen team does, too!) but I think organization should be like the rest of your room – pretty and absolutely never boring! These easy acrylic trays can be painted any design you like. I fell in love with PBteen’s newest comforter and sheets and went for a black and white look for my designs. Here’s how to make ’em…



*These picture frames come in a variety of sizes, you can make one large tray with any design by picking up an 11X14 picture frame.  I chose 4- 5X7 frames for the DIY.


  • Remove packaging and cardboard from the picture frame.
  • Paint your design on the OUTSIDE of the tray.  (the inside of the tray will hold all your goodies and even with sealing can get damaged/scratched, so paint on outside of tray)
  • Seal with crystal clear enamel spray or mod podge.


Polka Dot Tray Steps:

Using two pouncer (also called stippler) brushes and dot your tray. Dip the pouncer in the paint and press down lightly for your circle. Press more paint as needed to make the circle as dark as you want.


Heart & Bow Tray Steps:

I used a stencil for these two designs.  Freehand if you can!  Tape down your stencil and paint.  Remove stencil and let dry.


Striped Tray Steps:

I wanted a freehand brushstroke look for the design.  I simply brushed alternating lines of black and white paint.  I used a piece of paper to separate the colors.  If you want straight, clearly defined lines, use painter’s tape and a roll brush instead.


When your tray is dry and sealed- fill with your jewelry, keys or mini disco balls (because everyone should have these in their life!)

Happy New Year and Happy Organizing!

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