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DIY No-Sew Sleeping Mask

DIY Sleeping Mask
We can’t get enough of our new Emily and Meritt Sleepover Collection! With a big dose of charm and a dash of glam, their new accessories will complete your sleep over look. For an easy and fun craft to mix and match with their new designs, we asked the one and only Amy from Homey Oh My to create a fun and easy DIY that you can do with your friends.

-sleeping mask template (print from here)
-fabric glue


Step 1: Trace the sleeping mask onto the felt twice, then cut the pieces out. Tip: use a marker, and if your felt is black, use chalk or a chalk marker.

Step 2: Apply glue along the edge of one piece of felt. Make sure to apply it on the side where the marker is.

Step 3: Measure elastic around the back of your head from temple to temple and cut.

Step 4: Place the ends of the elastic (about a half inch deep) on top of the glue on each side of the felt, then dot glue on top of the elastic ends.


Step 5: Place the second piece of felt on top, firmly pressing on the edges where the glue was applied.

DIY Sleeping Mask with Eyelashes

Step 6: Trace the eyelashes from the template onto felt twice and cut them out.

Step 7: Glue the eyelashes on to the mask and let fully dry before use.

DIY Eyelashes Sleeping Mask

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