DIY The CUTEST Sparkly New Year’s Eve Party Hats

We are so excited to share a super festive (and super simple to do) New Year’s Eve DIY today! Miss Amy of Homey Oh My is here to show us how to make the most festive and most adorable party hats ever!

DIY Sequin Ball Mini Party HatsNew Year’s Eve is a day to celebrate the year that has passed, ring in the year that’s to come, and wear fun and sparkly things on our heads. It’s not an NYE party without party hats, right? So make these cute and simple sequin ball mini party hats for you and your friends to wear this New Year’s Eve as you watch the ball drop and count down to 2015!

-party hats
-styrofoam balls (1.5″ diameter)
-Tacky Glue
-glue gun

First sequinStep 1: Glue on a sequin to a styrofoam ball using the Tacky Glue.

Tacky glueStep 2: Apply Tacky Glue around the sequin.

SequinsStep 3: Apply sequins on top of the glue.

Step 4: Repeat steps 1-3 until the ball is covered in sequins, leaving one small spot uncovered (this will be the attachment point to the hat)

Party hat taken apartStep 5: Open up the party hat and cut off about two inches from the bottom, following along the curve of the bottom edge. This step turns the party hat into a mini hat, so if you want to keep your hat the regular size, you can skip this step!

Party Hat cutting

Step 6: After cutting off two inches, fold the party hat back together, using tape if necessary to hold the hat together. Save the string to reattach later!

Sequin ballStep 7: Push the ball on top of the hat so that it pierces the ball where there were no sequins applied.

Glue gunStep 8: Fill the indent on the ball with hot glue and attach the ball back onto the hat while the glue is still hot.

party hat stringStep 9: Tape the party hat string back onto the inside of the hat.

DIY New Years Eve party hat

DIY mini sequin ball party hat

DIY Sequin ball party hats for NYE

What will you be doing for NYE this year?! Share with us in the comments below!

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