DIY: Mason Jar Place Cards

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DIY: Mason Jar Placecards

DIY, as a theme or just in certain elements, is a direction a lot of brides are turning in order to be cost-effective and unleash their creative juices of course! These DIY mason jars are perfect for place cards at the reception and make a great favor for guests to take home as well! You can really take creative reign on this project, using whatever colors suit your palette or personality! Think this project is too big for your guest list? Use them for a bridal shower, brunch or around the office!

DIY: Mason Jar Placecards

You’ll Need:

Mason Jars
Tissue Paper
Spray Paint
Mod Podge
Paint Pen
Painter’s Tape

1. Start by cutting the tissue paper into small rectangular strips


2. Paint the inside of the mason jar with an even coating of Mod Podge and use the paint brush to place the tissue paper strips on the inside of the jar.


3. With the paint pen, script the desired name on the outside of the jar and voilà!leila-brewster-photography-118

4. For your next jar, place two strips of painter’s tape evenly around the jar.

5. Spray Paint the jar, and after waiting a period for it to dry, remove the blue tape.


6. Then take your paint pen back up and script another name

How simple right?! And so cute! Throw in a flameless votive candle, to add a little ambiance!leila-brewster-photography-107

Concept: Inspired by This

Photography: Leila Brewster

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