DIY Marbled Colored Vases from Recycled Glass Bottles


Happy Earth Month! It’s time to make those little changes that can help save our planet in a big way. That’s why we’re getting crafty with Laurel from A Bubbly Life to make homemade vases from recycled glass containers. Not only is this a great way to reuse an old jar or bottle from around the house but it’s an easy way to celebrate nature’s scents and colors from indoors with a beautiful bouquet of flowers! 



Go take a look around the kitchen and find an old pickle jar (for short stemmed flowers) or a glass bottle (for long stemmed flowers) and give it a quick wash.  Are you back? Good! Now dig out your favorite shades of nail polish and a cup of water (that you don’t mind getting dirty) to get started!


Glass Jars (cleaned & labels removed)

Nail Polish


Container of Water



Add your nail polish colors to the water.

Stir with skewer to combine.

Dip your glass jar in and turn to create a marbled look.

Let dry and fill with your favorite flowers!


**The good news is, if you make any mistakes, you can wipe with some nail polish remover and try again until you get the look you want!



Since Mother’s Day is also coming up, these homemade vases with flowers would be a perfect gift for Mom! Show us how your vases look by sharing photos with us on Instagram using #mypbteen.


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