DIY Halloween Costume – Junk Gypsy Angel Wings

I love dressing up for Halloween! I’ve been a lot of spooky characters in the past but this year I decided to mix it up with a little pixie dust and feathers to make my own pair of angel wings. When I started to think about this year’s costume, I was inspired by one of my favorite pieces from PBteen’s Junk Gypsy Collection, the Antique Oval Mirror with Wings. I especially love it because it was designed by the Junk Gypsy gals who reimagine old designs to make new creations. So I went to a flea market and found some wings to do a little recreation of my own.


Angel Wings that can be found at a flea market or local resale shop
Adhesive Spray


Spray the adhesive lightly to a small section of wings and add feathers. Repeat until the wings are covered with feathers.


I used both white and light pink feathers to adorn the angel wings. You can add many colors, dip in glitter or whatever you may like to add a bit more flash to the angel wings.


Happy Halloween!

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