DIY Gift Wrapping

Christmas is just a few days away! Now it’s time to wrap everything up and tie them with a bow. We’ve partnered with Rachel from Simply Poised Fashion show how to add personal touch to your holiday gifts with a wrapping paper DIY. Take it away Rachel…!


This year, I decided to give my roommates flannel pj sets  and slippers (along with some other goodies that you with see in Tomorrow’s post) for Christmas. I thought they would be the most perfect gift, considering the winters in Ohio are quite chilly and we love to snuggle up on the couch and watch movies.


When thinking of how/what to wrap them in, I knew I wanted to do something creative that would be a great final touch underneath our tree.


I decided to go with more Christmasy colors for my paint choices to really add a holiday feel to the gifts. I picked this wrapping paper from Target, knowing it would soak up paint, rather than being too slippery and not holding it. It is part of the Sugar Paper LA line (it you have not seen it- you MUST). First, I painted holly leaves on Hannah’s gift- going in with the green first and painting a second layer.


I painted two or three layers of the leaves to get the best color possible!Then, I add the red, making sure it was bright enough to have that pop of color. One trick when painting is to always put white paint in the color you are painting with once you have the main part painted, and go through and add a highlight for extra depth.


Lastly, I added an H for Hannah, some dots and swirls to coordinate with the ones already printed on the wrapping paper. Also, make sure you wrap your gifts before, so you can be positive that motifs are places correctly.


For Kylah’s gift, I wanted to do Christmas Lights. When I first saw this paper, I knew right then I had to do DIY gift wrapping. It was the perfect background for painting!


I went through first, adding the base of the bulbs. Then, I started to add the bulbs in a variety of color. Luckily, both of these prints give you a lot of room for error AND you do not have to be a fantastic painter at all for it to turn out well.


I cozied up in my favorite blue robe and painted the night away on a handful of gifts for friends. The great part about this is that you can cruise through so many gifts once you get all the supplies ready to go.


If you are DIY Gift wrapping this year, I would love to see what you are doing! It is such an easy task and makes every present a little more personal.

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