The DIY Way to Wrap Your Gifts

Special gifts are made all the more thoughtful with homemade gift wrap that’s colorful and fun. Your little one will love the wrapping as much as the present inside!


We love this interactive gift idea from Lines Across. A gift wrapped up in another fun gift is something your little one won’t be able to resist!


Specks of crayon chips in their favorite colors make this DIY wrapping paper from Momtastic a colorful treat to open. The best part: this method can be reused for birthdays and celebrations to come.


Tie up your little one’s gifts with a sweet DIY bow garland from Studio DIY. Once the presents are opened, the garlands make beautiful pieces for the mantel or tree.


Adding a few little pieces to the top of a gift – like these kitschy toppers from She Makes a Home – is the perfect way to bring wonder and imagination to your kids’ gifts. Set aside a few mason jars and create beautiful snow globes with the pieces when all the gifts have been opened.


Classic gifts with personalized ornaments (especially shiny ones!) look magical under the tree. Your wee ones will be all smiles when they recognize their name hanging from one of the presents.

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