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DIY: Garden Fresh Flower Girl Halo

There’s something so beautiful and innocent about this mother daughter DIY project from Christy Hulsey, Camp Makery expert and owner of Colonial House of Flowers in Savannah, Georgia.

© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com


Floral tape
Floral wire
Fresh flowers
Fresh greenery


Step 1:  Measure the circumference of your head, and cut your wire at double the length.

Step 2: Create a wire loop (crown) the size of your original measurement, and wrap the extra wire around to create a sturdy form.


Step 3: Place one of your flowers on the wire loop and use the floral tape to secure the stem to the wire.


Step 4: Add another piece behind your first one. Feel free to mix it up with flowers, a stem of berries or beautiful greenery. Use the floral tape to attach it to the wire, and repeat this step until the wire is completely covered.

flowerhalo_08FlowerGirl2© 2013 | Haley Sheffield | www.haleysheffield.com

See the full DIY post from Camp Makery here.

Concept & Creation: Christy Hulsey

Photography: Haley Sheffield

Gorgeous! Exactly what I would want for my wedding! Cutest little girl! Those peonies are HUGE. How much would a bouquet like that cost?

I love the fresh full look of this ! Its so nice that Christy Hulsey, does a tutorial for this. I love this and would like to see other floral designs created by Christy and The Chapel Designers. Thanks

Wow this is gorgeous! What a dream wedding arrangement. The flowers are BEAUTIFUL and the little girl is so cute! What a talented florist. Love love love this post!

Oh, goodness. Thank you for the kind words about the bouquet – it happens to be for one of my very favorite people in the whole world. The whole moment is just so special to me. Your comment makes my day. Thank you. Xo!

Love flower crowns! This is something just so special about them! One of my favorite things to make! This is a great post… Thank you for sharing this with us, and for sharing Christy’s work! Thanks to you too Christy!!

Thanks, Lisa. Hmm, I will have to find out. I believe you can cut/paste the link into pinterest as I am not certain. I will look into this for you. Thank you for the sweet words about the girl. She’s my favorite floral assistant. She’s my daughter! Xo!

Hi, Donna. This is Christy from the Colonial House. The feeling is mutual. I think you do, too. Really, love our fans!! Thank you for the kind words. I am going to tell the team. You make our day! Best day to you!

My heart goes pitter-patter when I see the next generation of flower enthusiasts. Doesn’t yours? Thank you so much for taking the time to leave a message here. And, glad you like the project. Best to you! Christy

Sheryl, it makes my heart smile that you love the project, the flowers and the girl. This is one of my favorite weddings and definitely my favorite girl in the world. Thanks for your kind words. Best, Christy

Christy, I love how you chose big blossoms on a little girls head, instead of petite little blooms, it just makes her look all that much more adorable! Love the Pottery Barn look and vibe.Love the easy to follow instructions. Great post, but of course, I would’nt expect anything less from a fellow CD!

Oh, Margaret! Thank you so much. I think so, too. We simply used what was available that day with a very impromptu arrangement, which always are my favorite. Thank you for the kind compliments. You make my day!

Take it from the bride who was somehow lucky enough to carry that stunning bouquet on the most precious day of her life: It was beyond anything I could have ever dreamed. It was perfection. The moment my best friend’s sweet daughter walked in to the room where I was having my hair done, a gorgeous floral halo crowning her innocent head, that huge, jaw-dropping bouquet in her hands — that moment was life-changing. That moment is the story I’ll tell to my children, my grandchildren. Christy at Colonial House of Flowers and her sweet B gave me the gift of a lifetime, and I’m the luckiest bride in the world. I love you both, and I’ll forever be grateful! Xoxo

Linsay!!! This is so incredible. I love you TO THE MOON. I will never forget that moment we met… it’s been so great ever since. Love you!! And, your groom. And, this wedding. And, B magically making her way into the whole thing. And, livin’ her dream — to be a Flower Girl!! Xo!!

Love this PB blog! Beautiful flowers and design and of course beautiful model too! Can’t wait to see more from Christy Hulsey @ CHOF!

Thank you for this post, its beautiful work! It has helped a lot already as I need
to create flower crown for my friend wedding in two weeks, I already bought the materials,, flower tape and the wire, however I am wondering what can I do to keep the flowers look fresher once you create the crown? Is there any spray I can use? she will be wearing it for the most of the day.

I hope you will be able to advice….

Hey, Lucie! Thank you for your great words. So, to keep the crown fresh you can store it in a plastic bag that can be stored in a cool dark place in your home or in a clean refrigerator. When I say clean, I mean without fruits/veggies/bacteria because all of that emits gases that wilt the blooms. A finishing spray like, Crowning Glory, can also be sprayed on the flowers. It creates a barrier that locks in moisture. I am obsessed with it. You’re going to do great, I know it!! Let me know what it looks like. I’d love to see it!

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