DIY Football Season Felt Penants

hooraybannerWith football season back in full swing, we knew we needed  a way to cheer on our favorite teams! We turned to PBteen crafter extraordinaire Laurel from A Bubbly Life blog to show us how to root for our favorite teams in style!

Hey guys, it’s Laurel! To help celebrate football season I am showing you how to create festive DIY pennants.  Pennants are great because  they aren’t just great for game day – they’re great afterwards too! After the game you can hang them up in your room for easy, colorful decor.


  • Stiffened Felt
  • Felt
  • Fabric Scissors (you can use regular scissors, but fabric ones are much easier to cut felt with)
  • Glue (tacky glue works great with felt)
  • Wooden Dowels


cutoutletterstep_edited-1Cut out your letters. You can freehand the letters or print a template.

cutouttriangle_edited-1Cut out your pennant using the stiffened felt. (Make a large triangle)

Glue your letters onto the pennant.

glue dowel_edited-1Glue your pennant to a wooden dowel.



Happy Cheering!!

Looking for more? Be sure to head to our DIY Pinterest board for lots more fun do-it-yourself projects!

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