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Today Amy from Homey Oh My! Blog is back at it with another DIY for back-to-school! 

DIY gold pattern desk organizers

Chances are you might have a jar, cup, or container hanging around that would be perfect for repurposing into organization accessories. With just some gold spray paint and this easy back-to-school tutorial, you can turn them into chic desk organizers that double as decor for your desk!

– container/jar
– paper
– pencil
– scissors
– Washi tape
– spray paint

cutStep 1: Trace the bottom of your container onto a scrap piece of paper.

Step 2: Cut out the tracing.

tapeStep 3: Tape a vertical strip of Washi tape down the side of the container, making it long enough to overlap the top edge of the container and the bottom of the paper.

spacingStep 4: Do this all around the container,using an extra piece of Washi tape as a spacer in between.

You can stop here with the tape if you want to keep to a simple striped design.

horizontalStep 5: To create a dashed line design, use thinner tape to go around the container in rows.

spray paintStep 6: Turn the container upside down and spray paint several light coats with one minute of drying in between until opaque.

Step 7: Remove all the tape and let dry for at least an hour before handling.

Gold desk organizers DIYDIY Gold desk organizersSo pretty and SO easy, don’t you think?! Share with us your DIYs by tagging us on Instagram @pbteen and #mypbteendiy!

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