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DIY Boho Floral Crown with Homey Oh My

Inspired by our NEW Lennon and Maisy collection, this simple flower crown DIY from Homey Oh My will bring the perfect touch to your boho summer style. You can make and wear your bloom-tastic crowns with your friends, plus later you can hang them up to dry and display them in your room!

Materials Needed:
-natural wire
-wire cutters
-floral wire

wire 1

Step 1: Measure the natural wire around your head where you want the crown to sit, then cut the wire about and extra 5 inches further from that point.


Step 2: Wrap the wire around your head again and hold it at the desired tightness. Hold the wire here when you remove it from your head, then twist and wrap the ends around the wire to create a circle like this.


Step 3: Wrap greenery around the natural wire with floral wire (Myrtle is a great green for this). You may need 2 or 3 pieces to get all the way around.

greenery crown

You should have a greenery crown that looks like this!

flower 1

Step 4: Add on flowers one by one by wrapping floral wire around them, starting in the center of the front of the crown. Helpful tip- it’s easier to cut off one long piece of wire and continuously wrap from one flower to the next than to cut a piece of wire for each flower.

flower 2

Step 5: Keep adding flowers down one side until you reach the back of the crown. Repeat on the other side of the crown starting again at the middle of the front side, making sure the flowers are facing forward.

DIY- Flower Crown

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