Designer Suzanne Tucker’s Tips to Refresh and Renew Your Home for Spring

There’s something about spring that gives us the decorating itch. When the weather turns warm and the world starts to feel fresh and new, we want to refresh our homes, too. But how can you do that without spending a lot of money or time on a full home makeover? We talked to interior designer Suzanne Tucker to get her professional advice. Read on for her tips to help you refresh and renew your home for spring!


Q: Why do you think so many people feel the need to refresh their homes for spring?

A: I think it’s a natural renewal process we go through – out with the old and in with the new – the lure of “spring cleaning.” As the weather gets warmer and the quality of light changes, fresh colors emerge in nature and it makes sense to bring elements into your home that speak to these changes.


Q: What do you like to do to your home in the springtime?

A: Other than the thorough spring cleaning, I clear off table tops and bring in lots of fresh flowers in lighter vases and containers and I embrace all the outdoor-indoor living elements: furniture, cushions, lanterns, outdoor textiles…


Q: What are a few of your favorite, budget-friendly ways to bring new life into homes for spring?

A: Changing out bedding, pillow covers and throws is a quick and easy trick to instantly refresh a room, along with a simple hit of color with fresh flowers.


Q: What types of colors are you drawn to this season?

A: I’m always drawn to luscious colors and, with the changing light and longer days, I look to nature – fresh greens, coral peonies, lilacs, parrot tulips, chartreuse moss… all speak of spring and summer.


Q: What are a few ways homeowners can implement these new colors into their homes without buying a bunch of new furniture?

A: A fresh coat of paint makes for an easy update, as does a coordinating pillow or throw. I pay close attention to the quality and color of the light sources in a house; optimizing your light can make a world of difference to the way color works in a room!

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