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Heating Up With Summer Stripes

Written by Gabrielle Blair of Design Mom for Building Blocks.

I’m not sure when and why stripes became so synonymous with warm weather, but I’m not complaining. By spring, you can find me stock-piling striped t-shirts and salivating over striped wellies in the shoe department. By summer, if I happen upon striped swimwear for my kids, it’s hard to pass them up.

You’d think I would be tired of stripes after so many years, but instead they’re like old, reliable friends that always bring a smile.

Here are some of my favorite ways to incorporate my favorite summer trend into warm weather days:

Happy paper straws. I don’t know what it is about paper straws, but they make any beverage feel like a party. Even ice water!


Mini umbrellas.Bring them to the beach, or keep them on your lawn. These designs are the epitome of cheery. They’re a symbol of a relaxing day, and you’ll grin every time you approach one.


Bold beach towels. Big stripes bring big fun to the beach or pool. Add your child’s name to make it even more special.


What about you? Do stripes announce, “summer is here” for you? Or do you have other warm-weather triggers? Maybe a particular color or pattern? I’d love to know. Share your thoughts in the comments below!

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