7 Ways to Decorate with White


All white interiors usually bring two thoughts to mind: constant cleaning, or super boring. But the fact is, white interiors are anything but bland when done right. Like any other color, there are plenty of variations of white: warm whites, cool whites, blue whites, purple whites and more. Playing off of different hues and textures of whites can make any space interesting.

Keep reading for our top tips to decorating with white in your home!


Soften your space. Warm whites can make a room feel soft and cozy. Look for whites with red, pink, orange or brown undertones.

Keep it crisp. Cool, bright whites make rooms feel fresh, crisp and modern. But be careful! Too many cool whites can start to feel clinical and cold.


Add texture and layers. This works especially well in bedrooms. Mix and match different linens, quilts and cushions in all white.


Don’t be afraid of white. It’s not as scary to clean as you might think! Washable paints, indoor/outdoor fabrics and washable slip covers can make things easy to clean. As designer Jeffrey Alan Marks said during our Facebook Chat, “I think that’s why bleach was invented!”

Go for contrast. Sometimes white is its most powerful when paired with a contrasting hue. Try pairing warm whites with cooler colors (like the blue and warm whites in the photo below) and cooler whites with warmer colors.


Avoid things that feel too precious. The fragile feel of some white interiors can be intimidating. Instead, aim for linen slipcovers and cotton pillows paired with a jute rug and distressed finishes. Let your whites feel comfortable and cozy.


Use white for cohesion. A few white elements can instantly refresh a space and make it feel cohesive. Use white frames to tie together a gallery wall, a white nightstand to match your new headboard, or white cabinets to create flow between your living room and white woodwork in the hallway.

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Love white. We live in a lake area and use it a lot. In our home we have the white slip covered dining chairs and PB Classic chairs and sofa mixing it with navy. It’s a stunning look!

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