Decorating For A Small Room with Simply Audree Kate

We are thrilled to share today’s small room makeover! Audree of Simply Audree Kate is showing us how to make your room feel more spacious! Take it away Audree!

Hey there trendsetters! My name is Audree Kate; I’m a personal stylist, blogger and creative soul. My blog, Simply Audree Kate, is a place where I focus on helping people create a more stylish and creative life through fashion, beauty and lifestyle posts. I’m originally from Arizona and recently moved to New York City where I work at a women’s fashion and lifestyle magazine. Between my crazy schedule of working, blogging and trying to juggle a social life, my bedroom is my sacred place at the beginning and end of each day.SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 1SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 5I moved to NYC with only a large suitcase, a carry-on and no furniture, but with the help of PBteen I have been able to make my tiny space feel like home! Now I’m not lying when I say it’s a small space – my bedroom is a narrow rectangle and I can lie down and touch both sides of my room. Hello New York! I was scared that decorating would make my room feel smaller and more cluttered so I opted for neutrals, metallics with pops of bright accent colors to liven up the space, make it ‘city chic’ and feel more spacious. I’m super excited to share the final product with you today, I absolutely love my room!SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 9SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 16SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 10I chose the Pucker Up Comforter and Shams in Light Grey and accented the bed with the Fab Fringe Pillow, Mongolian Faux Fur Pillow (seriously the best cuddle pillow ever) and the Alphabet Needlepoint Pillow.SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 5SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 15SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 11SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 12Next I focused on my vanity. With only one bathroom and three girls, it’s hard to all get ready together, so I get ready in my room. I really wanted a space where I could sit to do my make-up and drink coffee in the morning, and also use it as a desk at night to blog. I chose the Light-It Up Beauty Mirror and it’s the perfect addition to my vanity.SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 6SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 8Last but certainly not least, decorations! During college, my room theme would change a little bit each year. I would stay within the realm of blacks and whites, but my accent color would vary – from red one year to tiffany blue my senior year. This time I decided to forego the boring rule of one accent color because I wanted to embrace the adventure, life and culture in NYC. I envisioned, lots of art, fashion books and unique figurines and frames. The Gallery Frames immediately caught my eye and I had fun mixing prints, magazine cutouts and images from the Internet for the frames. These frames come with removable mats, which was a great option to use them for some of the photos or take them out for a wider border. And finally, one of my favorite pieces, this Bulldog Catch-all—seriously, how cute is this thing!SIMPLY AUDREE KATE - PBTEEN ROOM MAKEOVER - 2Thanks for checking out my space and make sure to say ‘Hi’ on my social media handles: Audree’s blog, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest.

xoxo Audree Kate


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