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Decor 101: The Difference Between Duvets and Quilts

PBT_Blog_Duvet_vs_Quilt#101You know when you see a bed that looks ah-MAZE-ing? The reason is simple: layers!

To create your best bed ever, it helps to know the difference between two key pieces that can take your bed from boring to beautiful: a duvet and a quilt. Use our handy chart below to get the scoop, and check out some of our favorite duvet covers and quilts. Dream on!

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I had no idea there was a diffrents, but im wondering I love designing bedrooms and im good at the layout of the room nut matching colors and patterns to make ur room look like it dose in ur setups and can be a nightmare for me how do u do it??? PLZ LET ME KNOW IT WOULD HELP A LOT!!!

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