Spring Forward This Weekend — and Spring Out of Bed, Thanks to Our Pocket Watch Clock Giveaway

Like many of you, we’re eager to for the extra hour of daylight that will begin tomorrow evening, thanks to Daylight Savings Time. Make sure to turn your clocks forward tonight. And while Daylight Savings Time is officially scheduled each year for 2 in the morning on Sunday, we won’t tell anyone if you do it after you wake up tomorrow morning. Check out these fun facts about Daylight Savings Time:

Benjamin Franklin is credited with the idea of Daylight Saving Time, though it wasn’t instituted while he was alive.

 It wasn’t until 1895 that George Vernon Hudson reintroduced the concept. Why’d he do so? He wanted more time for his insect collecting hobby!

 The first official Daylight Savings mandate occurred during World War I.

 The Uniform Time Act of 1966 made Daylight Savings Time a standard practice


To celebrate the return to a lengthier, more sun-filled late afternoon and evening, we’re giving away 10 of our Small Pocket Watch Clocks. Our handsome timepiece recalls an antique English pocketwatch that one of our designers inherited from his great-grandfather, and features a case crafted in brass as well as subtly stylized black Roman numerals  that stand out against a bright white dial.

For a chance to win one of our Small Pocket Watch Clocks, simply fill out the form below by 11:59 pm PT Sunday night and we’ll pick 10 winners at random.  (You can read the official rules here.)

Thank you for reading! This contest is now closed.

I LOVE the clocks! I am a clock fanatic. I have at least ONE clock in each room of my house! It gets a little crazy when I have to change the times forward and backwards but I love that look of time! The style is so “timeless” (hahahah)….

These clocks represent some of my favorite things about Pottery Barn: long-lasting style, heft, obvious quality, and that “where did you get that” factor. These clocks are so handsome. Thanks PB!!

i love everything about Pottery Barn…..i can’t even through your catalogs away….I look at them over and over and over….<3

i love everything about Pottery Barn…..i can’t even through your catalogs away….I look at them over and over and over….<3 and the clocks I bought one a few years ago from you…

I love the small clock, but HATE daylight savings time. I like sleeping later. Some folks actually think we save daylight by doing this. They also think we save electricity, but Australia blew that illusion with their test a few years back.

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