image 55 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

Create a Retro-Inspired Halloween Party With These Tips From Wants & Wishes

Debbie from the blog Wants & Wishes teamed up with us to create a fantastic retro-inspired Halloween party. Inspired to try something similar? We caught up with her to find out more about this fun party.

image 55 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

How did you hit on the vintage retro theme for this party?
To create a vintage retro party theme I wanted something spooky while still fun and whimsical. To accomplish a vintage retro theme keep the color scheme simple with black, orange and white, but mix patterns like stripes and polka dots together.

image 44 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

What would you say is the easiest dessert you made for this party?
The easiest desserts are the Rice Krispie treats, especially the Oreo ones! You can add any candy or cookie crumbled up and make a whole new “flavor”. The Rice Krispies only take 10 minutes tops! Garnish with spooky toppings like sprinkles, candies and frosting or toys.

image 27 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

Why do you love to throw parties with Pottery Barn items?

I love using Pottery Barn items when throwing a party, as they carry unique and fun items that compliment any design or theme! I love floral sprays and that one special item the makes your party shine, which can always be found at Pottery Barn. Their cauldron bowl & Spider Dispenser are the perfect example of that. They add a spooky yet whimsical feel to the vintage retro party. Last year I fell in love with Pottery Barn’s birch tree branches with black leaves…. It was the perfect touch to my sophisticated black and white Halloween party.


image 34 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

What was your inspiration for using the drink dispenser in an unusual way?
I loved the lanky spider legs and thought the drink base would be perfect for a platter base or a large glass bowl because the large bowl would look like an oversized spider. It’s the perfect size to fill with your Trick or Treat candy.

image 36 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn


What’s your advice for throwing a Halloween party that’s both kid-friendly and lots of fun for grown ups, too?

Everyone loves good food and having fun. I always like to make some treats that will please both audiences (children and the young at heart) or make a couple variations to hit each age group.

Another great way to ensure both adults and kids have fun is having games that interact everyone together for only part of the time. This will create memorable memories for both. Then the rest of the time allowing the parents to chat with the other adults and having some “time off” and getting to know new neighbors and friends. I have found that by not over scheduling and being willing to go with the flow of you party will make a fun time for all of your guests.



image 54 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn

We love the free printables! Do you have a favorite?

I have so many favorites! I love the witch with the retro stars/diamonds around her and also the potion bottle that is overflowing with skull bubbles.

image 60 Vintage Halloween party printables + potterybarn


Thanks Debbie! Make sure to check out the entire post on Wants & Wishes for more great tips for throwing a fabulous Halloween bash.




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