Cold Weather Dos and Don’ts from Lizzie Post

Are you attending or hosting a cold weather winter wedding this season? Take a peek at etiquette expert Lizzie Post’s winter wedding dos and don’ts before you do:



Serve hot drinks before the ceremony and/or during cocktail hour. “My cousin had an October wedding, where they served hot cider with cinnamon sticks and orange right before the ceremony,” says Lizzie. “It was the perfect way to start the afternoon.”

Consider all of your guests’ comfort. “Take your oldest and youngest guests into account first so you don’t bust your budget,” says Lizzie. “Make sure guests know to come prepared for cold weather, too. Get the word out to your guests as soon as you know how the weather will be.”

Have a backup plan. Whether it’s a heated tent, an indoor option, or just plenty of blankets, you’ll want to have all of your bases covered. “Make sure you have some kind of company of facility on call in case of inclement weather,” Lizzie says.

Note appropriate attire for guests on your wedding website. “It really is okay to dress for a cold weather wedding — you don’t have to wear a summer dress,” Lizzie says. “You can be in a dress with long sleeves, you can bring a jacket — whatever makes you comfortable.”

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