Choosing Organic Cotton For Your Registry

Celebrate Earth Day! As part of Williams-Sonoma, Inc., Pottery Barn is becoming more and more responsible in every single part of our business. We want to provide you with the most beautiful products for your registry. Amping up the amount of organic cotton in our textiles is a big part of our sustainability program. In 2013, 13% of the cotton in our textiles was organic, compared to 11% in 2012. And we plan on doing even better. We spoke to our Director of Sustainable Development to get the scoop on why using organic cotton is so important for people and the planet. Read on to learn more.


Organic cotton:

… reduces the amount of chemicals used in the cotton production process. This protects people, animals and the environment.

… involves rotating crops across different fields, which enriches the soil and improves biodiversity.

… produces cotton that’s more resilient to changes in the climate and weather and actually absorbs carbon.

… uses significantly less irrigated water, since most organic cotton crops are rainfed.

… produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than conventional cotton processes.

To learn more about organic cotton and Pottery Barn, visit our new Eco Shop.

“Big companies play a critical role in supporting the organic cotton market through their consistent purchasing decisions and influence over both suppliers and the public. Williams-Sonoma, Inc. is definitely making a difference in helping the organic supply get to a greater scale.”

-Liesl Truscott, European and Farm Engagement Director of Textile Exchange. 

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