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Hi everyone, Cassidy from O My Darlings blog back again! A few weeks ago I shared how to create a spectacular bedroom that will grow with you from kid to tween to teen! Today I am excited to be back to share some more tips with you guys, this time about how to deck out your desk space! As a student and blogger, it’s super important that my work space is practical and inspirational. PBteen’s pieces are super functional and easy to style all at once, so it wasn’t hard to get started 😉

Tip One: Mix Old & Newimmiturns2-705

When it comes to home style, I love mixing old vintage pieces with new shiny finds. When we found this vintage campaign desk it was bright orange! A fresh coat of paint made it feel like brand new. Plus, how sweet is it in contrast with this fabulous fuzzy chair?

Tip 2: Clear The Clutter immiturns2-702immiturns2-703

I have a habit of cramming things into drawers. If the mess is out of sight, then it’s out of mind too, right? Except that this habit made it really hard to find things. My best tip? Make organization something you WANT to do by making it a pretty part of your room! I found that if I use a pretty drawer liner like the one above, I’m more likely to keep my drawers organized so that the liner is visible. You can either buy a drawer liner, or do what I did and purchase some paper you love from your local stationary store to use on the bottom of your desk drawers.

immiturns2-714I also keep pretty storage pieces on top of my desk for easy access. I use this metallic storage bin from PBteen to hold papers or supplies from current projects.

Tip 3: Pretty Containers Are Your Friendimmiturns2-710

Just like clearing the clutter in your drawers is key — keeping the clutter off your drawers is essential as well. For example, I use a lot of paper clips for school work and this little white and gold mushroom container is the perfect place to store them. Before this guy I had paper clips everywhere! Find pretty accessories to live on top of your desk and you’ll be excited to keep things tidy. 😉

Tip 4: Keep Inspiration Handyimmiturns2-715immiturns2-706

I love to keep artwork, photos, and anything else that inspires me displayed over where I work. It keeps me motivated and feeling creative! Find what inspires you and put it to work! It can be something like an inspirational quote, photos of your besties, or maybe just a few pretty trinkets from a trip. Anything that makes you happy probably deserves a spot by your desk!

Tip 4: Stay Comfy!immiturns2-705

Lastly – and maybe even most importantly – if you’re planning on getting a lot of work done, you want your chair to be uber-comfy. This fur wingback desk chair is good-looking and comfortable and would look great with any workspace color scheme! Invest in your chair and you’ll be one happy camper!

Other sources: “holla” sign from Oh Dier Living | Wall hanging weave from Maryanne Moodie | “weird is rad” card from Thimblepress | Desk liner from Papersource | Abstract painting from Cocoa and Hearts

What do you think!? I’d love your thoughts on the space, plus be sure to check out the PBteen Pinterest page for lots more decor ideas and tips!

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