Celebrating Dad This Father’s Day

When the topic of Father’s Day came up in the office, everyone started to share their favorite “dadism” – that quirky thing that seems to come to define our respective fathers.  For some, it was the way their Dads never seemed to grasp current fashion trends (sandals and sweat socks ring a bell?).  For others, it was how their Dads always seemed to share the most embarrassing stories with the largest audience possible.  Yet for many, it was the advice that their Dads shared with them – those pearls of wisdom that stayed with them over time. Many of us may not have always valued our Dads random saying and comments growing up.  However, as we have gotten older the years of wisdom our Dads have gleaned from their own experiences appear to have guided us through many a good and bad situation.  What rang true for everyone in the office was that the “dadisms” we ignored in our youth have in some ways become guiding lights as we navigate through live.  So we asked members of our team to share a piece of advice, memories and stories about their Dad to celebrate Father’s Day.







Make sure you tell Dad how much you love and value him!  Chances are he already knows but it never hurts to tell him directly!  Whether you are buying him a gift, taking him out or simply spending time, make sure you let him know how much he means to you!

[photographyy: photobyadza]

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