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Capture the Moment: 5 First Day of School Photo Ideas

Creating a fun snapshot of the special moments on the first day of school is a perfect way to capture the memories and excitement for the adventures ahead. Here are 5 creative ideas from your fellow Pottery Barn Kids.

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1. Say cheese in front of a colorful memory board that lists your little student’s age, dream job, hobbies, teacher and other fun fact


2. Strike a pose with your new Pottery Barn Kids backpack with fun back-to-school props.

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3. Show us those smiles holding a handmade caption of the day with a best friend or sibling!


4. Walk the runway to school with your new fashionable school gear and capture the adventures along the way.

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  1. Strut your style with some silly dress up accessories! Click below to download free back-to-school printables:

Photo Credit: @stefaniewarner07, @erinziering, @maggiestephens79, @pbkids_lynnfiel and @norwegianmum

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