Our Linen Hemstitch Runner Gets Transformed For a Charming Bath

We love to feature small spaces that have been transformed into something special thanks to thoughtful touches and creativity. When we saw Jenny Steffens’ Hobick’s charming small bathroom, featured on her site Everyday Occasions, we loved many elements of the space, including her clever use of a Pottery Barn product usually seen on a dining room table. Keep reading to see how she used it in the bath!

How did you get inspired to use the Linen Hemstitch Runner as curtains?
I went to my linen cupboard looking for inspiration from whatever I could find in there… old curtains, scraps of linen, etc. and noticed the runner — the rest is history!


How long would you say this project took? Were there any challenges?
It literally took me 5 minutes… only because I had to wait for the iron to heat up to press the seam before I sewed it. No challenges — sooooooo easy.

How did you decide to refresh your bathroom with neutral colors? (We love it!)

It is a small space. Tiny. I had tried a soft grey blue on the walls before, but it made the cramped space seem dingy. We wanted the bathroom to just feel clean and fresh — so I tried to keep it as simple and classic as possible… although it can be tempting to throw colors on the walls. I’m such a fan of tone-on-tone painted panelling, so painting the faux beadboard wallpaper cream to match the trim was an easy choice. I also think of “cream” as a color, so most of our house is a mixture of white, cream, ivory in all different shades, which is why I selected the white towels and curtains — I love to mix them.

Can you tell us a little more about the paintings in the bathroom?

I painted the “Seaside Seascape” while we were on vacation this spring in Seaside, Fl. It rained almost the entire time we were there, which made it difficult for our 1-year-old, Emma, to enjoy the beach, but it created the most mystical, misty views from the balcony of our house. Both my husband and I painted a piece – his hangs above our sofa in the living room.


What do you love about your bathroom since you’ve refreshed the look?

Since my husband and I both share the bathroom with our daughter, I needed the bathroom to be as simple and clean as possible. Though the colors are simple, I brought in rich details in the textured wallpaper, hemstitch trim on the cafe curtains (the runner!) and custom artwork. Now, we really do feel like it is a special part of our home — not just the tiny bathroom we have to share until we complete the new Master renovation next year. I’m crazy about the PB Newport Sink Console and hope to have two of them in our new Master Bath and one in our new Powder Room.

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