Bring the Indoors Out! 5 Tips for Designing Your Outdoor Living Space

When the weather turns warm and we start to expand our living spaces outdoors again, it’s time to tie both indoors and out together. This spring and summer, we want to help you bring the indoors out! Embracing your outdoor spaces with the same mentality as your indoor decor will help you create a comfortable and cozy outdoor living space that you and your family won’t want to leave.

Take a look at our five top tips for putting together the perfect outdoor space this season.


1. Layout.  Take the same amount of consideration when laying out your outdoor spaces as you did with your indoors. Don’t just schlep your new outdoor sofa into a corner of the patio — think about traffic patterns, view, conversation and symmetry.


2. Color. When the weather’s warm, traffic tends to flow in and out of the house with ease. Shouldn’t your color palette do the same? Tie your outdoor decor to your indoor with pillows, textiles and your furniture material palette for a seamless design.

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3. Accessories. Today, outdoor accessories aren’t limited to beach balls and pool noodles. Outdoor lanterns, dishes, vases and side tables are built to withstand a summer outside. Look for accents in the same style and palette as your home’s interior to create a cohesive look.


4. Textiles. We’re not just talking about pillows! Use your outdoor cushions, rugs, towels, umbrellas and poufs to blend your indoor decor with your outdoor decor.


5. Ambiance. Above all else, a successful outdoor space is all about the ambiance. Your home has a unique feel — bring that same feel to your outdoor space, too. Do you love a little romance? Hang string lights on your covered porch. Do you appreciate comfort above all else? Fill your outdoor space with comfy pillows and plush cushions.

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I love the color of blue thats on the shutters, in the tips for “Bring the indoors out.” Is it a Sherwin Williams color? Benjamin Moore maybe? I would love it if someone could let me know the color. thank you Pottery Barn for all the wonderful tips!


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