Bridal Diaries: Tips for Brides-to-Be from a Pottery Barn Bride

You’d think that working at Pottery Barn — and, coincidentally, thinking about brides, weddings and registries all the time — would make wedding planning a snap. But when it comes down to it, our office brides-to-be find themselves just as overwhelmed when they start the planning process. That’s why we’re starting our new Bridal Diaries series at Have & Hold — where PBHQ brides share their tips and tricks from planning their big day.

Today, we’re featuring an interview with Alexia, one of our tabletop buyers, whose wedding is in just a month. Read on to hear about what she’s learned along the way.

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What has been your favorite part about the wedding planning process so far? It was really fun pinning in the beginning to get the ideas of what I wanted my wedding look to be. I also really love getting RSVPs back from people — especially when they write nice or funny notes!

What’s been the most difficult part? Did you expect it to be difficult, or was it a surprise? The most difficult part was getting started! Everything stems around your date and location. It was so hard to pick because so many options are on the table! Once we landed on the date and location, the rest just fell into place.

Now that you’re almost to your big day (!) what advice would you offer new brides to be when planning their wedding? Don’t sweat the small stuff. I am about a month away right now, so I’m working on all the little details and odds and ends of the wedding. In the moment, things seem like the biggest deal and the hardest decision. Plus, a lot of people have opinions around them and it’s easy to get stressed out or frustrated. I have started writing lists, making quick decisions and delegating those minor details. I imagine when the wedding is over I won’t remember whether or not I had eye drops in the toiletry basket in the bathroom!

What helped you decide what to register for? My mom and sisters helped a lot! We got online together one night and went through everything. I recommend going into the places you’re thinking of registering at, walk through to see everything in person, take notes, and then go home and register online by category (dinnerware, cooking, bedding, etc). Definitely use resources like friends and family who have been through the registry process for advice!

What are you most excited about for your wedding? As excited as I am for the actual wedding day, I really can’t wait to move in with my husband to be and unpack/organize/use all our new stuff!

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