BreathableBaby® Teams Up With Pottery Barn Kids to Create a Crib Bedding Essential

Crib liner from BreathableBaby and Pottery Barn Kids

A great crib liner doesn’t just look great, it protects your baby from all types of harm. At BreathableBaby, we understand how much consideration goes into every purchase decision for a nursery, so we’ve teamed up with Pottery Barn Kids to create a brand new product that’s guaranteed to impress.

When you combine the trusted quality of Pottery Barn Kids products with the proven safety of BreathableBaby products, you get a crib bedding essential you’ll want to show off. The BreathableBaby for Pottery Barn Baby Linen Mesh Liner is a lovely addition to any nursery, and one you’ll feel comfortable using in your crib as soon as you install it.

The Perfect Pairing

Pottery Barn is known for creating stylish furniture and decor that defines modern home interiors. To many, images in the monthly Pottery Barn catalog provide inspiration for furnishing and decorating updates. In other words, Pottery Barn is where many home design trends are born.

Pottery Barn Kids takes after its parent brand, offering high quality, comfortable and always stylish furniture, bedding, decor and accessories.

Our team at BreathableBaby prides itself on a similar approach to product design. We believe that a crib is no place to cut corners, and safety is the starting point of our designs to create crib accessories that provide safer sleep. BreathableBaby products are designed to give parents peace of mind, with practical solutions that ensure a baby’s well-being.

What’s more, we never sacrifice aesthetic appeal when creating our crib liners, and teaming up with a design-conscious brand like Pottery Barn Kids to create a new product is a natural fit.


Close-up view of all-white crib liner

As with every BreathableBaby crib liner, the product we developed in tandem with Pottery Barn Kids features a high-quality and breathable mesh liner material that will not restrict airflow around your little one. This lightweight, machine-washable, and easy-to-install crib safety accessory fits securely in a baby’s crib. It is designed to provide a dependable barrier that will prevent a baby’s limbs from getting caught between crib slats. With this product, parents can expect:

  • Durability
  • No harmful chemicals
  • An adjustable design
  • Doctor-endorsed breathability

So what makes this new offering unique for a BreathableBaby product?

Pottery Barn Kids contributed to the design, and incorporated its best-selling Belgian flax linen material into the liner trim.

As the name implies, Belgian flax linen is comprised of fibers harvested from flax plants. This plant can only be grown in Western Europe due to the unique climatic and soil conditions found in the region. Belgian flax linen is known for its upscale look that lasts for many years, so we’ve adorned the crib liner with bows and trim made from this beloved material, while maintaining an affordable price.

What Every Parent Needs

Having a safer crib is like having someone you trust watch over your baby when you’re not in the room. It ensures that your baby gets the rest he or she needs, and provides a breathable environment while reducing the risk of an entanglement injury.

Crib bedding safety is something that every parent should take seriously. Too many babies get stuck, and even injured, in their crib slats. It can be painful for babies, scary for moms and dads — not to mention exhausting. The BreathableBaby for Pottery Barn Baby Linen Mesh Liner simply and safely solves the problem.

Learn More 

If you’re ready to make your baby’s crib a safer place, you probably have some questions about choosing a new liner. Check out our FAQ page to get the information you need to create a better, safer crib for your baby.

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